chapter  2
Status of CDM projects in Brazil
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This article builds on this limited body of work regarding the social pillar of sustainability in developing and emerging countries and goes beyond the broader focus on the SD goal. It also provides a narrower assessment of the delivery of social benefits in organizations implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) hydroelectricity projects in Brazil. The focus on the social pillar of sustainability refers to the suitability of CDM projects to produce co-benefits that generate social development at local scale, including aspects such as job creation, income distribution, empowerment of vulnerable groups, use of local natural resources, and social acceptability. Apart from this, the article focuses on organizations implementing hydroelectricity projects in Brazil, raising important questions for other organizations implementing other CDM project types, including agroforestry, fossil fuel switch, landfill gas, and non-hydropower renewable energy CDM projects, and even projects which are not within the CDM framework.