chapter  13
Marine peace park initiative in the western transboundary coastal area of the Korean Peninsula
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Transnational cooperative initiatives that aim to protect coastal and marine ecosystems, and the associated resources, shared by several countries, have been formulated and implemented based mainly on the frameworks of international organizations. These include the UNEP Regional Seas Programme, the IUCN Transboundary Protected Area, the Peace Park Foundation’s Peace Park, and UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve (Batissea, 1982; Haas, 1991; Hanks, 1997; Sandwith et al., 2001; and see Introduction to this book). Marine peace parks have been implemented in many parts of the world as a way of reducing political tensions, bringing peace in troubled transboundary waters, and protecting productive, ecologically and economically important, coastal and marine ecosystems (Crosby et al., 2002; Mackelworth, 2012; Nam et al., 2005; and see Chapter 5).