chapter  1
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Place, Space, and Networked Learning

ByLucila Carvalho, Peter Goodyear, Maarten de Laat

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book describes set of empirical research studies, together with some more conceptually oriented pieces. It contains a description of the place and context in which the research is situated, complemented with an analysis of how material and digital enhancements interact with the activities in that place. David Ashe and Nina Bonderup Dohn theorize about relationships between the physical layouts of the "place of learning" in networked learning and the "bodily being" of the learner. Ana Pinto discusses the importance of secondary design elements designed features that once in a while "materialize", but which nevertheless play a significant role in sustaining the wider network. Maarten de Laat and Shane Dawson discuss the place-based networked learning potential of the new learning center at the University of South Australia (UNISA).