chapter  4
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Semantic Annotation


This chapter focuses on interaction with the corpus and took the form of a discourse or socially aware analysis rather than linguistics per se. The methodological approach was largely qualitative, mainly involving analysis of concordance lines. The chapter identifies gendered discourses across the four subcorpora and examining whether there were any differences or similarities, although there was no pre-existing hypothesis. A gendered discourse is ostensibly a way of seeing the world as it relates to gender. Discourses are not usually stated explicitly but need to be inferred through the ways that particular social groups are represented or through the generalisations and assumptions that are embedded in statements. Using log-likelihood tests to compare the overall frequencies of male versus female terms searched on in the four subcorpora. For the India, Philippines, and UK subcorpora, this difference indicated a higher frequency of male terms, but for the US subcorpus, the difference indicated a higher frequency for female terms.