chapter  12
Courage of our convictions
Participatory research in the criminal justice system
ByBeth Coyne
Pages 14

This chapter presents a brief precis of the methodology and findings of two service user involvement projects in probation settings, and one in a prison. It describes a number of key findings about participatory pedagogy, its use, its value and its limitations. Researchers will begin with some context of the time and the Transforming agenda and how they undertook the projects before going on to examine the impact of involvement Rehabilitation on service users themselves including the effect of pro-social modelling between peers, the identity theory of desistance and use of language. A particular highlight of the project was a short film the research team produced, led by one of the group with skills and experience in film production and editing. In 2013 Revolving Doors Agency was commissioned by the National Offender Management Service to develop materials to support service user involvement in the criminal justice system.