chapter  8
Serious Games—When Entertainment Is Not Enough
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Games are really growing. It used to be mostly about entertainment, and now it’s about pretty much everything else as well. Th e area of “serious games” has benefi tted from the omnipresence of games, but has also helped infl uence them by showing how games can be so much more than runof-the-mill shooters for teenage boys. During the last  years the game industry grew in value from € billion to € billion, and each week the people of this planet are spending something like  billion hours playing. We’re playing in a number of diff erent ways.  We see people doing it on their phones, on Facebook, on their TV screens, and on websites. Th e range of platforms, channels, and genres off ered for diff erent player types is immense, and the game industry seems to have “cracked the code” for making games a mainstream off er.