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By the time you launched your fi rst angry bird from a creaking slingshot in  or  to exact revenge on unscrupulous, if immobile, green pigs, things looked quite diff erent. Apple’s iPhone had (unpredicted by almost everybody) shown itself to be the device that would unlock the potential of mobile games, just as Facebook and other social networks were suddenly becoming heavyweight gaming platforms in their own right. Meanwhile, it was becoming less clear whether the newest generation of consoles would be the latest-or the last. Th e consoles have proven more resilient than some suspected, but are still struggling to stay relevant in today’s still more fragmented gaming landscape. Th e computing power of television sets has grown and services have popped up that promise to do all the heavy computer lifting and simply stream gaming audiovisuals to you. Despite the promise of these services, the revolution heralded by smart TV has still to materialize. But it seems that juggernauts like Apple, Google, and Amazon have far from given up on the power of television for gaming, so new fronts are emerging in the gaming marketplace. Th e future of the gaming world remains wide open.