chapter  6
Music of the Holocaust: A Thematic Design for String Music Education
ByString Music Education TAMARA REPS FREEMAN
Pages 21

This chapter focuses on the student populations in Australian classrooms, which tend to exhibit more diversity than the profiles of their teaching population, which most often reflect those who come from middle-class, Anglo-Saxon backgrounds. In Queensland, Australia, many teaching vacancies are offered annually in regional and remote areas, including indigenous communities. These communities are often the first posting for graduate teachers sent to do their country service, before being transferred back to more desirable job locations in metropolitan centers. The chapter discusses the challenging preconceptions or understandings of reality through providing juxtaposing arguments or experiences where dissonance is encountered may prompt the questioning necessary for learning. It is also at this juncture that pre-dispositions toward diversity and social justice can arguably be accessed. Much of the work in the area of social justice in teacher education has focused on the importance of prior experiences in effecting changed perspectives and approaches in pre-service teachers.