chapter  9
Listening-for Social Justice
Pages 19

What does it mean to listen-for social justice? This chapter acknowledges that the teaching of listening, and listening-for anything, let alone social justice, is dependent upon the context of the classroom content. Although musicing, when taught educatively, always involves degrees of listening, we cannot rightly assume that teachers of musicing (i.e., educating all forms of performing, composing, improvising, arranging, conducting) teach how to listen rightly, let alone teach listening-for social justice. And while listening, when taught educatively, should involve listening-to, we cannot rightly assume that teachers of listening (aside from that connected with musicing) teach listening-for social justice. The point being that to listen-to something, whatever that “thing” may be, is not the same as listening-for something. It is my contention that music educators can aim to do more in this regard.