chapter  15
Characteristics of the integration of elites and citizens in ideocracies
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The integration of elites and citizens follows a consistent pattern in ideocracies, especially Communist ideocracies, which differs distinctly from the integration patterns of other types of regimes. Ideocracies permeate society with a tight-knit network of material dependencies of the individual on the state from which the former cannot easily liberate him or herself.1 The strong inclination toward the concentration of power through allocation of goods and positions to a virtual state monopoly goes hand in hand with a very strong ability to repress everyone not integrated. This chapter elaborates conflicting objectives that this pattern of integration has for elites and other citizens in ideocracies. Ideocracies monopolize and spoon-feed resources to the individual. However, this can create antipathy in normally politically indifferent persons. Nevertheless, I assert that despite the conflicting objectives the characteristically strong integration of elites and citizens into the structure of the regime can contribute greatly to explaining the considerable durability of Communist ideocracies relative to other political regimes.2