chapter  11
‘Creative class’ subversions: art spaces in Beijing and Berlin
Pages 14

Hackneyed cliché What is the purpose of studying creativity-driven urban policy, if it has been reduced to a ‘hackneyed cliché of contemporary policy making’ (Peck 2011: 41)? The ubiquity of variously named ‘creative class’, ‘creative industry’, and ‘creative city’ policies often reflects an inconsistent set of ideas, values, and even concrete tactics. Yet, rather than receding into the policy wastelands, it continues to gain traction. This chapter seeks to investigate some of the externalities of this creativity imperative, to examine how the ubiquity of creativity-led policies generates a financially and politically formidable form of creative capital. Among those standing to gain from this are artists able to trade on their creative capital in their place-making activities, thus appropriating and subverting ‘creative class’ ideas and reshaping the competitive urban landscape along the way.