chapter  15
Afterword: creative city policy and social resistance
Pages 17

This chapter deals with the relations between neoliberal urbanism, cultural/ creative city policies, and movements engaging these policies. These relations have come into view in several of the chapters of Part II of this book. In this concluding reflection, the Asian experiences are put in conversation with global trends in neoliberal urban restructuring and the role of the ‘cultural/creative city’ as a global practice of neoliberal governing. As creative workers and artists have played such increasingly important roles in these processes in cities across the globe, this chapter explores some of the paradoxical ways in which cultural workers and other creatives have been implicated in these models of urban development. It first highlights some ways in which urban policy-makers around the world have sought to cope with the tensions entailed by neoliberalization, which have contributed to shaping various contemporary urban conflicts and contestations. The second section discusses creative/cultural city policies in terms of their ambiguous impacts on the urban movement terrain, exploring in particular movements driven by (sub)cultural insurgent groups. Finally, the chapter recontextualizes these findings within the larger interrelations between resistance movements and the local state and scans this restructured urban terrain for its specific potentials and difficulties.