chapter  4
The external reach of the EU regulatory state: Norway, Russia and the security of natural gas supplies
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This chapter analyzes the main features of the European Union's(EU), the United States'(US) and North Atlantic Treaty Organizations'(NATO) engagements in the Horn of Africa. The chapter argues the EU's policies towards the Horn of Africa in terms of actorness and power. It illustrates how the EU has developed a more holistic approach towards their military and civilian engagement at the Horn of Africa in contrast to the approach of the US and NATO. The EU has developed new strategies towards the Horn of Africa in response to important humanitarian challenges in the region. The expansion of the EU's policy strategy and political instruments illustrates the EU's bottom-up approach. When comparing EU and US policy implementation, it is clear that US, to a larger extent, places security higher on the agenda, due to the continuing war on terror policy. In US's problem statement it is acknowledged that Somalia has been a central zone for terrorism, piracy and several interconnected conflicts.