chapter  1
The diplomatic system of the EU: concepts and analysis
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The aim of this chapter is to set the discussion regarding the present and future state of EU diplomacy in the context of broader debates regarding the changing character of diplomacy in the twenty-first century. Whilst the 2013 review of the initial three years of the European External Action Service (EEAS) posed a range of issues concerning the challenges facing the post-Lisbon Treaty environment (EEAS 2013), these have been paralleled and shaped by intensive debates on the implications of the changing international policy environment within national foreign ministries (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2011) and international organisations (Van Langenhove 2010). In short, whilst the EUDS is itself a manifestation of change in both diplomatic process and structure, its present state and future development can be better understood in this broader context. Thus whilst we identify some of the concrete features of the developing EUDS, our primary goal is to set an investigative agenda rooted in the issues confronting the role and structures of contemporary diplomacy as background to the deeper empirical evidence provided in the following chapters.