chapter  10
Terrorists lack imagination when choosing targets in Denmark
ByMorten Skjoldager
Pages 19

This chapter describes a selection of Danish terrorism cases and argues that Denmark in many ways can be seen as a microcosm of broader trends in terrorism. It explores the terrorists convicted of planning attacks against Denmark have been home-grown terrorists, well trained terrorists with international connections, foreign extremists travelling to Denmark and solo terrorists plotting simple attacks. In Denmark there were of course also Muslims who were angry about the cartoons, and among them extremists who ready to retaliate by committing a terrorist attack. The chapter examines whether the methods and skills used by terrorists have developed over time. It shows that the terrorists have actually been innovative when it comes to changing strategies and methods but that they at the same time have demonstrated a profound lack of imagination when choosing targets. The chapter presents a large number of interviews, police reports and court documents from the Danish terrorist cases which the author has also followed in court.