chapter  12
Changing patterns in terror plots directed against Germany emanating from militant Uzbek networks in Waziristan
ByYassin Musharbash, Guido Steinberg
Pages 9

This chapter examines with the latest jihadist plot uncovered and foiled in Germany which was very different in character, although it was likely influenced, if not ordered, by another Uzbek organization in Waziristan, the "Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan" (IMU). It describes the Sauer land Plot of 2007 and the IMU plot of 2013, reflects a more general learning curve true for the Waziristan-based jihad movement rather than specific differences between terror organizations. The Sauer land plot has been the most important and best-known jihadist terrorist plot targeting Germany to date. In any case, the idea of relinquishing traditional forms of terror plotting in exchange for calls for "individual" or "leaderless" jihad can be found outside al-Qaeda as well. In other words, were the "Islamic Jihad Union" (IJU) still a real threat today with regard to Germany, with access to German-language propagandists, they would probably also call for attacks "by remote control" rather than try and repeat their own 2007 plot.