chapter  6
Jihadist innovation and learning by adapting to the “new” and “social media” Zeitgeist
ByNico Prucha
Pages 20

The jihadist media activism is evident and strengthens the resilience on a daily basis with new audio-visual and written propaganda uploaded from a number of conflict zones, to a wide range of online social platforms and multimedia channels. The ideology of al-Qaeda (AQ) and its ability to propagate that ideology as a monopoly of truth through professional promotion and marketing material disseminated via modern communication technology has proven to be its most resilient foundation and greatest innovation. The media in principle is used on a tactical level, but to create ideological denominators and operational paradigms with policy guidelines for various jihadist groups. The massive audio-visual content disseminated by jihadist media departments on multiple layers by various facets online is comparable, to agitprop theatre. For the extrajudicial execution of AQ personnel in general by drones and by other means, has no effect or impact on preventing the jihadist incitement of mainly Arab Muslims, especially in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.