chapter  7
Learning terror
The evolving threat of overseas training to the West
ByPaul Cruickshank
Pages 59

This chapter explores the danger posed by Western militants receiving training in Jihadist encampments overseas. It outlines how the group subsequently set up smaller training encampments in the tribal areas of Pakistan and elsewhere, where they continued to offer bomb-making training and able to orchestrate terrorist plots against the West. The chapter examines how terrorist training encampments have evolved since 9/11. It explains how terrorist training has made Western militants more capable by looking in turn at explosives training, weapons instruction, and lessons in terrorist tradecraft. The chapter outlines the Breivik who stood out from the majority of those who have been recruited into Islamist terrorism, including his deep financial pockets, extraordinary dedication, and access to a remote farm to tinker and test his device. It outlines the al-Qaeda handlers have become expert in psychologically manipulating Western militants to return home to launch attacks by insisting such missions are a religious duty which will be rewarded in the afterlife.