chapter  9
Innovation and learning in the British jihad
ByRaffaello Pantucci
Pages 19

This chapter explores learning in British jihadist plots since September 11, 2001 to see what evidence is of innovation, information transfer, or learning in the conduct of operations, both failed and successful. It looks at different stages in the terrorist plot cycle to try to understand what changes are discernable over time and whether these can be attributed to innovation or learning in some way. The chapter also examines the viability and permissibility of the lone actor attack existing in the common consciousness as well as Inspire magazine and other al-Qaeda affiliates. It draws some thoughts across the spectrum of plots to try to track some broader trends and touch upon the direction the current terrorist planning cycle may be going. The chapter focuses on some specific plots that have been publicly identified and about which the author was able to gather enough public information to be able to identify a specific plot, methodology and intended target in the United Kingdom.