chapter  11
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‘Cultural Marxism’ and the British National Party

A transnational discourse
ByJohn E. Richardson

This chapter examines this transnational discourse in two interrelated ways: first, John E Richardson traces the transnational roots of cultural marxism, and its uptake in the discourse of the British national party (BNP). Next he shows how cultural marxism is itself a transnational discourse, positing an internationalist conspiracy intended to undermine a naturalized organic national culture. The cultural marxism is originated in the USA, appearing in conservative and radical American literature in the early 1990s. The chapter is structured in accordance with this dual style of political communication, examining three levels of discourse aimed at, or consumed by, different political audiences the voting public; the new recruit and other individuals interested in learning more about the party; and the party insider and cognoscente. The BNP's exposure texts deal almost exclusively with symptoms of social and political decline what the party sees as the problems of society, distilled down as a series of programmatic political commitments.