chapter  7
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7Communication Studies on the Iberian Peninsula: A Comparative Analysis of the Field’s Development in

ByPortugal and Spain

This chapter addresses the amazing scope of Herta Herzog's work at the interface between communication research and marketing, in particular motivation research, assessing its significance for the development of the social sciences. It also outlines important aspects of Herzog's private and professional life. The chapter focuses on her dissertation, which laid the foundation for her later theoretical and methodological achievements. In the third part, it discusses Herzog's research on entertainment, audiences and genres, research that led to the way consumers were conceptualized in motivation research, which emerged in the 1940s and 1950s. Her contributions to the development of methods of communication research and their application to marketing and motivation research are sketched in the fourth part. The chapter concludes the institutional settings that enabled the fruitful transfer from communication to marketing research and calls for an acknowledgment of their common ground.