chapter  11
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Crossing the Borders: Herta Herzog’s Work in Communication and Marketing Research

This chapter contributes to the ongoing international search for a rigorous, contextualist treatment with an altogether different story to tell about the history of communication Studies and put forward the peculiarities and common traits that have arisen in Mexico and Latin America as scientific research practices. Mexico was one of the first Latin American countries to open Journalism Schools in its universities, and was the very first to have a Communication Sciences School at the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City. The role of Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Transnacionales (ILET) was extremely important for the emergence and international recognition of the presumptive Latin American critical thought, although its projects were only loosely related to academic concerns. The challenge to develop a New History of the field could be an imperative and stimulating task for everyone interested in the practical discovery of democratic communication in Latin America.