chapter  12
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Charles Siepmann’s Forgotten Legacy for Communication Research and Media Policy

This chapter reviews the historiography of communication studies in Brazil, including works that support people discussion and important sources on the subject. It also outlines the phenomena that marked these two fields in an attempt to draw a diachronic overview of communication studies in Brazil and some perspectives for its future. Recent literature indicates progress in historical studies of the communication field in Brazil, though everyone cannot say there is a consolidated history of the subject. To outline a history of communication studies in Brazil, everyone start with the understanding of communication as a scientific field in the progressive process of autonomization inside the larger field of the social sciences and the humanities, at the same time that it reaffirms its interdisciplinary nature. Focusing mainly on the last century's transformations of Brazilian society, people differentiate three socio-historical stages which govern the development of communication studies in Brazil associated with the development of the cultural market: national, transnational and globalized development.