chapter  19
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19A History of Rhetorical Studies and Practices in Modern Japan

This chapter offers narrative of how the Communication Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem plays a significant role in initiating and consolidating the Israeli communication discipline by mobilizing Jewish-American border traveler scholars. It also shows how the CI has raised two generations of scholars who have since shaped the discipline's status in all of the country's institutions of higher learning. While developing and changing over the years, the CI has remained the discipline's mainstay in Israel. Professional practical studies were limited to workshops which constituted about ten per cent of the curricula. The concept of Columbia in Jerusalem was further enhanced by the CI's close and enduring ties with the Israel Institute for Applied Social Research (IASR) headed by Louis Guttman until his death in 1987. The symbiotic relations between the Institute of Communication (IC) and the IASR were seen as necessary given the national mobilization and the contribution of their activities, especially in emergency periods.