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Introduction: On the History of Communication Study

ByPeter Simonson, David W. Park

This chapter considers the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO's) contribution to communication studies. It facilitates networks of diplomatic and scholarly exchange and increased the involvement of particular non-profit groups, such as educational associations. The chapter provides a platform for the dissemination of ideas about the relationship between communication and peacemaking. It develops and disseminated formats such as policy instruments, heritage designations, educational tools, scholarly journals that reflect certain ideals of peace, understanding, and cooperation to be used in different contexts. The chapter represents a rich site which to make sense of both the development of communication and an idea that finds its place within international institutions in the post-war era. If new histories of communication study are to be written then there must be a greater appreciation of UNESCO's place as both a catalyst for ideas about communication and as a nodal point in which those exchanges took place.