chapter  8
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Karl Jaspers

Citing this passage from Aristotle’s Metaphysics,1 Jaspers2 takes up the question of Being as the perennially most fundamental question of philosophy. Coming to terms with its irresolvable nature, Jaspers thinks that the question requires not a radically new departure, but a fresh approach that draws on humanity’s experience of thought about it. Jaspers’s thinking constitutes a renewal of the question of Being, based on a reorientation whereby its possibility is clari ed and its signi cance recon rmed. e reorientation of the question of Being is the achievement of the rst of his two main works, Philosophy. On the basis of the reorientation, Jaspers’s later main work, Von der Wahrheit, provided the

1. Karl Jaspers, Von der Wahrheit: Philosophische Logik. Erster Band (herea er VdW; translations throughout are my own) (Munich: Piper, 1947), 35.