chapter  2
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Neo-Kantianism in Germany and France

Karl Theodor Jaspers's philosophy culminates in the idea of the truth of Being as encompassing man's temporal perspective. The idea of Being and truth as 'encompassing' is adumbrated in Jaspers's earliest works. In Jaspers's conception, historicity refers to whatever becomes historic out of the ground of Being through the agency of thinking man. The unconditionality of Existenz is at play in Jaspers's conception of other phenomena. The question of the truth of Being is the fundamental topic of philosophy; it is therefore with respect to the enterprise of philosophy that Jaspers applies the most radical reorientation effected through the "illumination of Existenz". Jaspers's conception of metaphysical thought as the existential reading of the cipher script is the basis of his view of the foundation of religion. By virtue of the reorientation elaborated in Philosophy, Jaspers proceeds with the renewal of the question of Being with respect to the unity of Being and truth, the basic theme of Von der Wahrheit..