Studying Media through New Media
ByJentery Sayers
Pages 6

This chapter demonstrates how the assumptions about media studies and digital humanities are in reality hyperbolic, if not mythological. It moves routinely across the two fields, which may mutually inform and enrich each other instead of fostering opposition. The chapter resists formal or technical treatments of media as if technologies are outside of time, history, culture, society, and material conditions. It focuses on the entanglements of technologies with justice, oppression, and power. The chapter highlights social justice issues that permeate the entirety of the Companion. It also demonstrates how social justice work is enacted through new media as a form of praxis, in part by expanding the definition of "access" through an emphasis on participation, but also by sharing various modes of activism involving new media. The chapter involves performing, writing, thinking, speaking, listening, resisting, revising, editing, curating, maintaining, fixing, and tinkering, the particulars of which often escape us.