chapter  2
Entangling Feminist Affect, Action, and Production On and Offline
ByAlexandra Juhasz
Pages 15

This chapter considers one of the author’s media-critical and -situated projects, ev-ent-anglement, as a lab where doing and thinking in community and within the sites or technologies under consideration are the scholarship. In such scholarly work, the doing and the process are the product, and what is built toward those ends can also be shared and/or evaluated in other contexts and for different communities. This allocating and re-allocating of process in and as the product is modeled in the essay itself, albeit within yet another technology: the paper-bound scholarly anthology. The chapter places ev-ent-anglement into the author’s larger scholarly project that engages, critically, with social media networks from inside them; shares lessons learned about practice-based research; and concludes with why such methods (as much as findings) might matter. She explains her thinking and doing, and the histories and theories that motivated this critical internet experiment where “our object was our self and ourselves and then these objects got out of hand.”