chapter  11
Humor and Narrative
ByWładysław Chłopicki
Pages 15

This chapter demonstrates how text-specific frames are applied in narrative humor analysis. It aims to overview research on humor in narratives and also outlines a number of problematic areas that have been at the core of the scholarly debate. A hypertextual methodology and technology might be indeed useful, however, to demonstrate the complexity of the interrelations involved in text-specific frames of particular humorous stories as well as richness of the sensory imagery, and thus to track even more convincingly the connections between humor and narrative. Linguists have risen to the challenge and attempted to reach out towards other scholars and ask them to contribute to the General Theory of Verbal Humor, with the response not being overwhelming. The humor researchers started their considerations from the broad acknowledgement of the issue of identifying the role of humor in narratives-it doubtless does contribute to the stories, but the nature of its presence is the subject of debate.