chapter  29
Humor and Translation
ByDelia Chiaro
Pages 16

This chapter explores the translational problems that particularly apply to humorous texts, which, like poetry, present especially challenging difficulties. Studies regarding prestigious written texts gave weight and gravitas to the new discipline and it took some time for studies in oral translation, such as interpreting, screen translation and multimedia translation, as well as automatic translation and computer-assisted translation to emerge as serious objects of study. The word used for "translation" in many Romance languages derives from the Latin term traductio meaning "transposition". Eighteenth-century essayist, Joseph Addison, saw a link between verbal humor and translation, arguing that a pun is a Conceit arising from the use of two words that agree in the Sound, but differ in the Sense. A translation can only exist in virtue of a previous pre-existing text considered the original from which it stems. Translation itself can also be a source of humor. The Internet is full of translational errors.