chapter  7
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Ritual and Communal Connection in Mobile Phone Communication

Representations of Kapwa, Bayanihan and ‘People Power’ in the Philippines
WithCheryll Ruth R. Soriano, Sun Sun Lim

This chapter focuses on advertisements' representation and promotion of mobile adoption in society because advertisements are considered one of the most visible products of culture industries. It explores how advertising promotes the ritual of mobile communication and consumption through aspirational marketing campaigns that frame social reality through a ritualized system of symbolic production. The chapter argues that aside from engaging cultural rituals in mobile advertising, the advertising of mobile services can be considered a 'media ritual' as it entrenches forms of social organization within a locale and the centrality of mobile communication in that social organization. It focuses specifically on mobile technology because of its explosive growth in the Global South, illustrated by its emergence as a primary form of telecommunication. The chapter explores the role of advertisements as media rituals', which work both in articulating social values and affirming pakikipagkapwa, and promotes the essential role of consumer goods in their achievement.