chapter  12
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Who cares? Physical activity, families and children in care

ByThomas Quarmby

This chapter explores an often under-represented group, children in care, when discussing critical issues in youth health and physical activity. The role of the family in shaping young people's health and physical activity dispositions is crucial; enabling children to develop knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about physical activity and other health behaviours. Undoubtedly, family remains a powerful symbol in our cultural imaginations and a central feature in today's neo-liberal society. For instance, children in care are four times more likely to have a mental health problem compared to their peers and therefore, the link between activity and mental health is especially relevant for these young people. For most, a lack of financial support was cited as a major barrier to their involvement in leisure and social activities, with cost appearing to be a primary reason for many children and young people not participating in positive activities.