chapter  13
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Teachers’ perspectives on the school–family–health nexus

ByEimear Enright, Rebecca Johnson, Doune Macdonald, Louise McCuaig, Anthony Rossi

This chapter draws a data collected within the context of Teachers as Health Workers project conducted in Queensland, a state of Australia. It constitutes a partial response to a question about the school-family-health nexus. Shrinking the welfare state is an ideological objective of the neo-liberal project and the contemporary context within which schools conduct health work. According to Rose, childhood is the most intensively governed sector of personal existence and his argument has received considerable support from authors across the social disciplines. From eugenicists to teachers, doctors to judges, psychologists to social workers, all have been mobilized to ensure a safe and preferred transition of the subject from childhood to adult citizen. Vincent and colleagues have suggested that when parental deficits are created, parenting is redefined as a public rather than a private issue. Regardless of socio-economic profile of the school, parents had a sense of the permeability of the fields of practice of the school and the family.