chapter  5
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Close to home

What kind of family should we become?
ByLisette Burrows

This chapter explains how family functions and the locales where family is found are diverse, even when families ostensibly share social class or ethnic affiliations. Key to most of the approaches geared toward families is moving services closer to home, and particularly to the homes of those communities perceived to have higher-than-average 0rates of preventable chronic diseases, rates of risk factors for these disease and/or high levels of deprivation. The chapter traces the techniques advanced for reaching families that is, the pedagogical projects initiated by government and health promotion agencies and the pedagogical work families are hailed to do. In terms of health promotion campaigns and government imperatives, across nation state, continent and context, the positioning of families as vitally involved in procuring good health outcomes for their young is a shared motif. An imprint of expertise is not always enough to ensure potentially recalcitrant populations and individuals enact health messages.