chapter  8
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Conceptions of play activity and its application in Mexico

ByYulia Solovieva, Eduardo Alejandro Escotto Córdova, Ana María Baltazar Ramos, Luis Quintanar

The range of Mexican specialists working with play activity relates themselves in the main to one of three perspectives. These are: historical and cultural psychology, psychoanalysis and cognitive approach. The importance of play activity is mentioned in official programs of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), which is responsible for education programs in all thirty-two federal states. The University Clinic Zaragoza develops research projects with the application of play activity as an instrument for early stimulation in children developing typically. Both speech and consciousness may be developed through play activity during the childhood years from 3 to 5 years. A broad and rich programme for the gradual introduction of play activity is being used in an experimental early childhood institution in the city of Puebla. The practical implications of play activity in Mexico have two main orientations: therapeutic purpose and pedagogical practice for early childhood development.