chapter  12
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Children’s socio-dramatic play typologies and teacher play involvement within the breadth of the zone of proximal development

ByEleni Loizou

This chapter focuses on socio-dramatic play and unfold the state of children's scenario and role enactment along with the corresponding teacher's involvement to facilitate mature forms of play. It highlights children's level of scenario and role enactment, and show different breadths of the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) along with the corresponding teacher interventions to facilitate mature forms of play. The chapter argues that teachers need to have the knowledge and the skills to observe children's play, assess children's play skills and recognize their play needs in order to effectively intervene and support children towards mature forms of play. Early childhood (EC) education highly endorses play in the discourse of appropriate pedagogy and teaching strategies. Anna is an EC teacher with a Bachelor degree in early childhood education (ECE) and a Master in ICT in education. The chapter discusses different play typologies according to children's level of role and scenario involvement which create a different breadth of ZPD.