chapter  19
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Playworlds and the pedagogy of listening

ByBeth Ferholt, Monica Nilsson

This chapter presents a model of an early childhood educational activity that one's understand to be a hybrid of the playworld activity and the pedagogy of listening. The model is both a preliminary representation of what one's observed in the playworld, and a tool to help us think about meaning-making within two pedagogies' resulting practice(s). Bennet conducted a study based on thematic reviews of early childhood education and care policy, carried out by expert teams in twenty OECD countries, in which he contextualizes this phenomenon. The pedagogy of exploration holds that children have and develop theories and hypotheses about the world that should be considered equally possible to those of adults. Learning is an elusive concept and there are, therefore, a variety of different definitions of learning, which depend upon a range of ontological and epistemological assumptions. Learning is connected to becoming a learner, to psychological tools, to general abilities, and to motivation.