chapter  7
Art. (περὶ τέχνης, de arte) On the Art
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Fistulas and haemorrhoids are common medical problems. A fistula is an abnormal narrow channel leading from a normal cavity or canal to the surface of the body. Haemorrhoids, commonly known as 'piles', are swellings formed by the dilatation of veins of the lowest part of the bowel, frequently resulting in ulceration and bleeding. The works clearly belong with other surgical treatises. Content and expression alike coincide. In content, there are common elements in administering treatment and in monitoring procedures. The On Haemorrhoids deals with the same disease in women, but the methods applied are different. In both works, the aetiological preface, by attention to first steps in therapy. Haemorrhoids are more common in men, pregnancy is a common contributory factor to the development of the condition in women and it must have been very familiar to those concerned with obstetrics.