chapter  7
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Air Pollution

How will China win its self-declared war against it? 1
WithAnna L. Ahlers, Mette Halskov Hansen

The phenomenon of heavy air pollution in China obviously has a much longer history than is indicated by the popular use of the term wumai. This chapter provides an overview of the design and dynamics of China's major national policies regarding air quality control and air pollution prevention, 'air policy'. It focuses on two concrete examples of interfaces related to control of the industry, and consumption habits and life styles, mainly based on data collected in the province of Zhejiang. The chapter presents them here as prototypes of interfaces that manifest themselves in local contexts where different stakeholders take action. It applies the concept of 'social interface' rather than the more frequently used 'interaction' or 'participation'. The notion of interface better captures the relationship between different actors' worldviews, attitudes, and agency related to air pollution and air policies.