chapter  11
The Extraordinary 10-Year-Old
ByDeborah Ojiambo, LaKaavia Taylor
Pages 16

At the age of ten, children reach a smooth and stable period of development. Ten-year-olds are sensitive to the enriched environmental experiences that are necessary to support continued brain development. Physical growth occurs at the age of ten, and is associated with an increasing ability to make movements that require muscle strength and coordination resulting from large muscle growth. At this age, fine motors skills in particular are strengthened. This age child has the ability to classify objects and things. Logic and concrete understanding are vital cognitive processes that ten-year-olds experience. At the age of ten, children's moral abilities expand and are further developed. Anger is the most common emotional expression at this age. Child-centered activity play therapy (CCAPT) can be a developmentally appropriate modality for them. Cognitive-behavioral play therapy (CBPT) can also be considered developmentally appropriate for ten-year-olds. Adlerian play therapy (AdPT) is another activity therapy considered to be developmentally appropriate for this age children.