chapter  4
The Extraordinary 3-Year-Old
ByKasie R. Lee
Pages 11

Three-year old child are happy within themselves and in their relationships with others. In relationships with their parents, they display a desire to please and cooperate. Working with these children requires therapists to provide emotional support for parents, while educating them on developmentally appropriate expectations for their children. At three years old, children experience a dramatic period of instability. At three years old, children experience tremendous changes in their brain development. At three years old, children begin to develop taller, thinner, and more adult-like bodies. Three-year olds experience improved coordination and a greater sense of control over their muscles, and they can walk, run, jump, kick, climb, and swing with ease which is said as motor development. Sexual development is particularly dependent upon what a child witnesses and is taught in regards to cultural and religious values regarding sexuality and personal boundaries. Three-year olds experience a wide variety of emotions.