chapter  5
The Extraordinary 4-Year-Old
ByJenifer W. Balch
Pages 12

The fourth year of life can appear magical and exciting for a child. Four-year-olds have extremely active brain growth owing to their reaching a peak in cerebral energy metabolism. Four-year-olds are extremely active, tiring less easily and recovering more quickly than adults said as physical development. Fine motor skills are also improving at a rapid pace during a child's fourth year. At four years old, children are becoming more aware of their own bodies and start noticing gender differences. A four-year-old child would be in the preoperational stage of cognitive development model, starting to utilize language and engage in symbolic play. Common emotions and behaviors have been described about a typical four-year-old child. Play therapy is the most effective form of counseling for four-year-olds because it allows the child to use his or her natural mode of communication. Child centered play therapy (CCPT) is the most developmentally appropriate approach for a four-year-old child.