chapter  8
The Extraordinary 7-Year-Old
ByHayley L. Stulmaker
Pages 14

Seven-year-olds are learning more about themselves, developing their identity, and constantly taking in information. At the age of seven, brain development seems to be influenced heavily by a combination of environmental and biological factors. Seven-year-olds develop a greater amount of emotional language as a result of growth in Broca's area in the right hemisphere. In terms of physical development, seven-year-old boys are slightly larger than seven-year-old girls. They plan their movements and practice skills, enhancing motor development. Additionally, seven-year-olds are solidifying their gender development, understanding the permanency that comes with their genitals. By the age of seven, children make the connection between gender and genital differences. Seven-year-old children can differentiate their cognitions from their physical bodies. Seven-year-olds are in the second stage of faith development: the mythic-literal faith stage. Children at this age understand that what is good for one child may not be good for another. Seven-year-olds, although isolated, enjoy relationships and continue to build more complex relationships.