chapter  3
The Modern Method of Cure
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Psychoanalysis, a term often so lightly used nowadays as to be applied to almost any kind of mental cult or treatment, is, in fact, a stern and complicated science devoted to the explication of human behavior, especially in its pathological forms. The practice of psychoanalysis therefore should be restricted to those who have passed through the necessary "self-knowing" to give them the psychological equipment for dealing properly with the human psyche. Psychoanalysis, however, avoids using the word "spiritual" and aims to confine itself exclusively to the examination and adjustment of the mind and emotions in a methodical and intellectual way. Nevertheless, the whole structure of psychoanalysis is a hard and rather mechanical one, insisting on realism at the cost of idealism and inclined to regard every objection of the patient as an unwillingness or supposed "resistance". Psychoanalysis has therefore ignored the treatment of all disorders of an organic nature and devoted itself entirely to the so-called nervous ones.