chapter  7
A Way Out
Plasticity of the Human Mind, Education of Children
Pages 13

The chance to tell one's resentments without fear of losing the friendship of the listener is one of the situations afforded by psychoanalysis that rarely occurs elsewhere in life and is something that all parents would do well to learn. The avidity with which practically all patients avail themselves of this privilege is very revealing as to one of the chiefest human needs, a need that is denied, first in childhood by the necessity for "respect" for one's elders, and in later life by the requirements of "polite society", whereby one is compelled to hide contrary or disagreeable opinions and to speak only that which by common consent would be regarded as "tactful". Both in the school and the family, general analytic knowledge should be diffused and propagated, and the habit of judicial reasoning and adjustment of personal differences, as well as "emotional ventilation", inculcated in early childhood.