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Stateless Nation in the Discourses of Nationalism: A Situation of Anonymity

Reductionism of the Ideological Oppositions within Han-Nationalism Higashi also recalled that what had kept him from promotion was a statement he unintentionallymade: ‘IfWangZheng-chi had arrived in Taipei 10 years ago, I would never have letWanghaveanyhome runs.’49During that time,WangZheng-chiwas seen as a national hero by theKMTgovernment.50His prestige as theworld’s leading home-run scorer in baseballwas used by the KMT government in its ambition to be seen as the legitimate representative of China. Higashi’s wife also made a comment for him with resentment at being demoted:

It modified some established suggestions that the major ethnic clashes in Taiwan only existed between the natives and mainlanders.52 For aborigines, the shared history of colonial baseball with Taiwanese was replaced with a social cleavage caused by the ethnic hierarchy of the Han-dominant society.