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Rethinking the First Nation in Politics of Identity: An Alternative Approach of the Post-Nationalism In the long run, for aborigines, their relationship with the state is much more important than which government runs the state.68 This was all the more striking when the government in Taiwan is celebrating the ‘100th anniversary of the ROC’. On October 9, 2011, while the ROCwas holding its official centennial celebration party, there was a simultaneous activity taking place with a completely different significance: the ‘Aboriginal Millennium: Aborigines Blood and Tears Accusation Concert’. ‘Before the concert, the Amis Shamans and Chieftains from Hualien went to Katagalan Boulevard69 to perform the ceremony of headhunting and exorcising. Theywrapped the ROCnational flag into the shape of a head as if the result of headhunting’ (The Liberty Times, October 12, 2011). Coincidently, a LLB team made up of aboriginal teenagers from Eastern Taiwan won the Junior World Championship, bringing national glory as their predecessors had done.