chapter  1
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Inland waterway transport: An overview


This chapter analyses the effectiveness of the NAIADES II action programme for the European Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) sector by applying a theory-based evaluation (TBE) technique. It elaborates the maintenance and improvement aspects of the European waterways network, innovation activities and possibilities, conditions for smooth functioning of the IWT market, environmental performances of the sector, employment and educational needs and integration capabilities of IWT into the multimodal logistic chains. The first key intervention area of the NAIADES II action programme deals with the inland waterways network. It describes that only Europe-wide waterway infrastructure policy and legislative frameworks will deliver the expected results. As a step in the right direction, the roadmap for RDI, intended to increase the innovation rate in the sector, has been developed. Harmonization aims at providing fair competition between IWT operators, an increased quality of services and an improved modal share of IWT.