chapter  14
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Workplace abuse, incivility and bullying

The challenge of translational research
ByMegan Paull, Maryam Omari

This conclusion presents an overview of key concepts covered in the preceeding chapters of this book. The chapters in the book largely represents country specific discussions of research on workplace abuse, incivility and bullying to examine the national factors including culture, history and workplace norms which influence such behaviours. Cross-cultural perspectives mainly refer to the tensions between groups within particular countries rather than making comparisons between countries. The term 'translational research' often refers to the translation of theoretical and conceptual understandings derived from research into applied settings in order to inform practice. This is fundamental, challenging and important. In the case of cross-cultural comparisons and research with multicultural perspectives, translational research might also refer to the complexities associated with translating language and cultural understandings. Changing social understanding and new thinking about workplace conduct also has an influence when it comes to legal frameworks governing behaviour, and to the attention paid to these frameworks.